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Our analysts


  • Transaction Duration1 day
  • Yieldup to 1.2% per day
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  • Transaction Duration10 days
  • Yieldup to 1.7% per day
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  • Transaction Duration14 days
  • Yieldup to 2.1% per day
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  • Transaction Duration28 days
  • Yieldup to 2.7% per day
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Team of

  • Transaction Duration45 days
  • Yieldup to 3% per day
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  • Transaction Duration60 days
  • Yieldup to 3.4% per day
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  • Transaction Duration30 days
  • Yieldup to 3.2% per day
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About company

To date, the Cashline project is a reliable and dynamically developing resource on which any user can earn money without specific skills. Each of you at least once heard about sports betting. Today sports betting is an integral part of almost any sporting event. The Cashline team of experts offers you to become part of the big world of betting not as an observer, but as an active participant.

The Cashline team consists of a large number of professional analysts - experts in sports betting. Each person from our team is an experienced professional in his field, who has come a long way from a beginner to an expert in the field of betting.

Our company offers you the services of analysts, whose skills and experience allow them to perform stably and profitably, and the user to increase their capital in a short time. Are you interested?

15105Site Members
8366Issued Transactions
11155Average amount

Why us

Cashline company guarantees users a high interest rate, and also fully covers possible losses from failed rates. Thanks to the large reserve fund and diversification of funds, our team takes responsibility for the fulfillment of all obligations, and each open transaction is executed legally.

In addition to working with analysts, the Cashline project offers you career development within the company. By participating in an affiliate program, you can receive bonuses of up to 1,000,000 rubles and significantly increase your yield on the platform.

Legal guarantees of transactions

Open analyst detailed info

Best guaranteed interest rate

Large selection of proven and experienced analysts

The possibility to work without any specific skills

Multi-level career with bonuses and bonuses

Profit calculator


1 day

  • Daily income 1
  • Profit at the end of the transaction 101

How does it work?

The Cashline team adheres to three basic principles in working with clients: simplicity, reliability, profitability. Any user without any specific knowledge in the field of betting can make money with the platform. Read the step-by-step instructions to understand the system of the company:

More detailed information on working with the portal is described on the pages:

  • 01

    The company places on the website offers from analysts

  • 02

    The user selects the analytics, makes a deposit in the account and opens a transaction with him

  • 03

    The analyst makes bets and profit

  • 04

    Part of the profit from bets goes to the user's account

  • 05

    The user displays the received money and uses the earned funds

Affiliate program

The affiliate program gives you the opportunity to build your career within the Cashline project, and earn on every open transaction that your invited users make.

Invite users, increase your affiliate status, move up the career ladder and receive up to 1 000 000 rubles of bonuses for growth on the career ladder of the company.

  • Affiliate bonuses5% / 0% / 0%
  • Bonus0 rubles
  • Affiliate bonuses5% / 1% / 0%
  • Bonus300 rubles
  • Affiliate bonuses6% / 1% / 0%
  • Bonus1 000 rubles
  • Affiliate bonuses6% / 2% / 1%
  • Bonus4 000 rubles
  • Affiliate bonuses6% / 3% / 2%
  • Bonus12 000 rubles
  • Affiliate bonuses7% / 4% / 2%
  • Bonus30 000 rubles
  • Affiliate bonuses8% / 4% / 3%
  • Bonus60 000 rubles
  • Affiliate bonuses9% / 5% / 3%
  • Bonus100 000 rubles
  • Affiliate bonuses10% / 5% / 4%
  • Bonus300 000 rubles
  • Affiliate bonuses12% / 6% / 4%
  • Bonus1 000 000 rubles

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Dear guests and customers of Cashline!Your opinion is very important to us, leave your feedback and recommendations about working with the project in the "Reviews" section. This will help our team to become better, and new users to decide on working with the project.

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